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Where It’s Beautifully Rooted and Deeply Booted!



Welcome to Deeply Booted Podcast

Deeply Booted Podcast isn’t your typical podcast. It is derived from my notoriously deep conversations with a Louisiana flare. Listen in on talks about life, food, sports, and random topics that we often think about but most won’t speak on it. I don’t know where this podcast is going to take us but just know that it’s going to be a journey. Tune in, subscribe, and share.

“Where It’s Beautifully Rooted and Deeply Booted!” 

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           -Gabrielle Michelé

So I was super nervous and even though this is my first audio session. I wanted you guys to hear it and please do comment. This is an intro before Episode 1 is released which will definitely be dropping this month 😊. Anywho I called this one …..

“Mic Check- One, Two (The Prelude)”

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